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All About Surveyors For Subdivisions

Surveyors for sub divisions are professionals in the art of subdividing the land. In most countries in the world, they are the only ones who are qualified to create a subdivision plan. So, if you own a piece of land and you want to make it profitable by creating a subdivision project, the first thing you need to do is find surveyors for subdivisions on your area.

You can search for them online, but we recommend that you go to your local land office to get referrals. What happens when you hire a surveyor?

First, your land will be surveyed, not just for its measurements but also for its properties and potential. We don’t know exactly what goes into a typical land surveying project, however, we do know that the end result is an outline on how the land will be divided based on the surveyor’s assessment. Of course, you do have a say in the process as the surveyor will be consulting with you.

Once a plan is put on paper, it will be sent to your local council for approval. The local council will check and append their approval with different conditions that you need to meet. Once approved, though, you can then send the plan to the appropriate local government office. After which you can start your project. Most surveyors, though, submit on the landowner’s behalf.

Can all parcels of land be subdivided? Not really. The surveyors will make an assessment on the potential of the land, that is, whether it’s better to subdivide it or use it for something else like converting it into farmland or warehouse area.

The good thing about subdivision surveyors is that, because they have been doing it for a long time, they know exactly what the potential of your land is. If you have an idle property, contact a surveyor right away. If your land is deemed good for subdivision, they can tell you exactly how much it will cost.

They will also determine the best possible layout and balance the different conflicting criteria set by the local government, like the maximum number of lots and lot size. They can also plan for traffic flow and the setup of utilities like electricity, water and other utilities.

How long does it take for a survey project to complete? That really depends on the size of the lot and accessibility. If you are hiring a very experienced surveyor, it should not take more than a month for a reasonably sized parcel of land.

When the survey plan is approved by the local government, you can then work to find a contractor, who will then use the surveyor plans for road and drainage construction since it will contain information on the levels of the land as well as the positions of the nearby drainage.

A land surveyor doesn’t just make subdivision plans, they can apply on your behalf for gas, water, electricity and other utilities to be provided to your subdivision project. If that isn’t convenient, we don’t know what is.